Prediction Score Manchester United vs Liverpool Today

Prediction Score Manchester United vs Liverpool Today - Premier League Tonight brings two great teams, aka Super Big Match Liverpool vs Manchester United. The match will be held at Anfield Stadium, Liverpool headquarters. Liverpool VS Manchester Unitetd match schedule will be broadcast live (live) by MNC 18.00 TV.

Who is the winner of the match Liverpool vs Man utd live stream tonight? In the last six Premier League matches to face Manchester United at Anfield, Liverpool have won four times, with three times the winning streak. This means that MU must win, if you want to not add to the list of the defeat of the Reds.

Currently Manchester United in the top position while the Premier League standings with 19 points with Manchester City, while Liverpool was in the 5th position with 13 points. This inevitably means that Manchester United have to try hard to win if you want to secure the top position, because on the same day Manchester City entertain mid-table team Aston Villa, which was also broadcast live on Global TV 23:00 o'clock.

In the game Super Big Match last Sunday between Manchester United vs Chelsea, this blog contains Prediki score of the game and who scored goals, and the results are right at hand when Manchester United won by 3-1 score and who scored one goal is wayne rooney.

This time this blog will try to load predictions Score Liverpool VS Man Utd live stream and who scored a goal tonight, which we take from several sources, Here Prediction:

MaleSoccer: United, 2-1, Rooney
masbergani: Liverpool, 2-1, Suarez
valentino_2703: United, 2-0, Rooney
DA7: United, 1-0, Rooney
locz: United, 4-0, nani
Maruli Naibaho: United, 2-0, Rooney
Ty0ri van Jon: United, 0-3, Welbeck
tuwloh: united, 1-0, nani
hendra_29: United, 3-1, Rooney
donny_omdo: United, 1-0, nani
a53pt: United, 2-0, Nani
dedismith: United, 1-0, Rooney
son bn7: United, 4-0, Rooney
ponco_7unitedlover: United, 3-1, Young
r_9haan10: United, 2-1, Rooney
Ambonbest7: United, 89-0, Jones
Myko: United, 3-1, Rooney
romy: United, 3-0, Nani
whoosah: United, 3-1, Rooney
irfantaufik: United, 3-1, Nani
healthy: United, 1-0, Wellbeck
ayupsin: United 0.2 to 1, Carroll
MAMSKI: United, 4-0, Nani
Arfandy_manutd88: Manchester United, 3-1, Rooney
Odum: United, 4-1, Nani
Crhonos: United, 3-1, Young
mBah'e: United, 3-2, Jones
hamsa: united, 2-1, Rooney
Uday: United, 2-1, Rooney
mr_mirep: United, 3-1, Young
Manchester_United: Draw, 1-1, Downing
aryatama88: 2-1, Rooney
numero_uno: 3-1, Rooney
RH20: United, 3-2, Luis Suarez
Rizky Firmansyah: United, 3-1, Suarez
azroo46: United, 1-0, Rooney
LuthfiRulezz: United, 2-0, Nani
Willie: Manchester United, 3-1, Nani
nita_cubby: draw, 2-2, Suarez
maharajakristyawan: united, 2-1, rooney
fruity_sportaholic: United, 2-1, Nani

Well so first football predictions Lovers info, whoever the winner is definitely very exciting to watch. Do not gamble yes.! Because besides forbidden by God, is also prohibited by law.

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