UFC/Fighting - Bellator Fighting Championships 42 Live Streaming Online

The four light heavyweights fight for a shot at 100,000 dollars and the light heavy weight title.The fights will be on MTV 2 at 9 pm eastern. Ronnie MannThere are eight fights total on the Bellator 42 card but only four will be televised on MTV The four fights that will be on MTV2 are, a 145 pound clash between Ronny Mann(145lbs) vs Josh Arocho (147lbs), Jerrod spoon (135lbs) vs Luiz Nogueira (133lbs), Richard Hale(205lbs) vs DJ.

Tonight the Bellator fighting championship 42 comes to us from Lucky Star Casino, Okla.

Linderman (205lbs), Tim carpenter (205lbs) vs Christian M'pumbu (201lbs).

Ronnie Mann vs Josh Arocho

Kid Ninja will get to Josh at some point in this fight and submit him.Kid Ninja is a huge favorite at -640 ml to beat Josh Arocho in a 3round featherweight match up. The fight between Ronny Mann of England and Josh Arocho was supposed to happen in Bellator 40, April 9th. This fight comes down to Kid Ninja who has 10 submission wins and Josh has been submitted 6 times for loses.

He finally got the visa issue squared up. Kid Ninja(Mann) had some visa issues, that held him up from getting in the states for that fight.

Jerod Spoon vs Luiz Nogueria

Luiz Nogueria is from Brazil and is a rising star in the MMA world.Luiz is a huge favorite at -335 ml and Jerod +275 ml is no push over, but he will be out classed in this fight.Luiz was a big singing for Bellator and he is one of the best batanweights in the world

Richard Hale vs D.J. Linderman

Hale comes into this fight off a huge win, when he beat Nik Fekete in the first round(1:55min) with a inverted triangle!

Linderman beat Ralphel Davis in the 3rd round by TKO to get in the semifinals of the tourney.DJ has power in his hands and is a good wrestler. Linderman is the former Heavy Weight Champion of Sports Fight and has won four straight coming into tonight.

Hale has been impressive winning 5 of his last 6 fights coming into this semifinal, with DJ Linderman. Hale is good with his hands and on the ground with his submissions. He often reverts to his wrestling if he his over matched on his feet.

Tim Carpenter vs Christian M ' Pumbu

Carpenter is from Philly, he has gone the distance in his last four fights winning all of them, and also has good submission skills off his back. MMA odds show that Tim Carpenter is a -185 ml favorite but is facing a very game opponent in Christian.

The two fighters in this match-up are good, Carpenter is off a win over Daniel Garcie in a split decision win .

He did beat a young Stephen Struve (choke) of the UFC in 2007, and beat Chris Davis in the 3 round (TKO) to make it to the semifinals of this lightweight tournament. The french fighter, Christian M'Pumbu has a lot of experience with a record 16-3-1 Christian is good with his hands with some KO power and very capable with his submissions.