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Thunder vs Nuggets Live Streaming Online. Suddenly, the Nuggets became the deepest team in the NBA, and one that could adjust their gameplan to whomever happened to be hot on a given night.The rivalry between these two teams has been hot, to say the least.It's as good of a rivalry as I've ever seen.The rivalry was only escalated this year via a huge Christmas Day win at home for the Thunder, the various trades, and the Thunder beating the Nuggets twice this April.Additionally, the last two games between the Nuggets and Thunder have generated a total of 8 technicals, three for the Nuggets and fice for the Thunder.That configuration turned out to be exactly what they needed.George Karl, coach of the Nuggets, has made various statements about the Thunder, notably saying that they would rather face the Mavericks than the Thunder, and that the Thunder are over-hyped.The Nuggets have had a much different season, one marked with many highs and lows.

The rivalry evolved through the 2009-2010 season, as the Thunder were constantly nagged by the interior presence of the Nuggets.After the dust settled, the Nuggets found themselves with a huge collection of solid role players, but no stars.When the Thunder were first discovering their stride in 2008, the first historic game against the Nuggets game in late December, when Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony took turns hitting game changing shots.The team was tortured until February by the constant on again off again trade rumors involving Carmelo Anthony.

Thunder vs Nuggets Live Streaming Online
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