The Impossible Game Video Live Streaming

The Impossible Game Video Live Streaming. I think this is my favorite so far.Rage Quit, for those not aware, is a series of videos in which one guy is seen getting so vexed playing video games that he ends up storming off.

Sucker. The Impossible Game is a game (naturally) available to play on the Web, PC, mobile devices, and the Xbox Live Arcade. And it lives up to its name, being implausibly simplistic yet nigh on impossible.After seeing this video I don’t think you’ll even want to try it, unless you like mental torture. I’ve only played The Impossible Game once, and that was enough.As you can see from this video it took this guy over 4000 attempts to get as far as he did, and if you think that’s a sign he’s just a rubbish gamer then try the game for yourself.