New Transformers 3 Trailer Live Streaming

Transformers 3 trailer appeared as a Super Bowl spot. The new 30 second Transformers 3 trailer gives fans their first real look at what the next film will be like, even if there wasn't a lot to explain what the plot is going to be like.

Spokane movie fans won't be able to see this one for a few months still, but when Transformers 3 premieres in the summer of 2011, it is bound to have an enormous box office. Just looking at the first images of the latest trailer will get a lot of people exciting about what might be in the film.

In this new Transformers 3 trailer, we are given interspersed images and video segments, designed to show that a lot of destruction is coming to the characters of the third film. There is no dialogue and no real background sound for the most part, relying mostly on an overly of what seems like a warning sound of some sort. This is a familiar motif for the "Transformer" series from Michael Bay, and one that has transformed into quite a bit of success in the box office. You can watch Transformers 3 Movie Trailer live Stream below.